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Rob Northrop followed a previous career in commercial real estate and business to bridge a gap between the academia of law and the business of business. Rob takes a multi-discipline approach to educate clients and reach practical solutions to business and legal issues.

Rob’s law practice focusses on assisting businesses through consultation concerning operations and dispute resolution in courts, administrative proceedings and alternative dispute resolution.

Rob has extensive background in real estate, development, investments, and general business operations. Before practicing law, Rob was a real estate developer and real estate investing professional. The conglomerate with which he was involved had an expansive real estate portfolio. Rob managed a variety of complex and sophisticated issues, including playing the pivotal role of managing outside counsel. Rob’s background provided him a rare insight into balancing business risk and maximizing profits.

Native to Phoenix, Rob attended Arizona State University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Rob then obtained his law degree in two years despite the typically three-year curriculum, participating in externships, gaining practical experience. Rob was also a law clerk for the Honorable Michael D. Gordon. Rob interned for two retired Judges in their private law practice, gaining invaluable insight into the practice of law from the perspective of the Bench.

Rob’s business background is the X factor in his practice, because he understands how important it is to mitigate risk while maximizing profit. He focuses on being efficient and effective in finding the resolution instead of dragging out the fight at the expense of the client. But if a fight comes his way, he can duke it out with the best of them. He knows what it takes to win and appreciates the meaning of settlement, being stern in his positions to ensure a favorable result for his clients.

Rob is a mediator for the Arizona Association of Realtors and a mediator and arbitrator for its Professional Standards Committee and Grievance Committee. In his spare time, one can find Rob enjoying the Arizona outdoor life, and spending time with friends, family and his dog, Moxie.